ACME Portable Machines

Digital Forensic Lab and CEIC Digital Forensic Conference

May 18th – Las Vegas – The Digital Forensic Lab Solution

ACME Portable listened to the demand of their customers to have a more modern and well-equipped forensic lab.

ACME Portable would like to introduce the ACME Portable Forensic Lab Solution with the cooperation of Meyia Pico Company. Meiya Pico is a leader in digital forensic and information security in China and a stock listed company that employs more than 1000 specialists in forensic solutions. Their digital forensic experts and specialists have developed their own highly sophisticated Lab designs and solutions that cover all latest requirements in digital forensics. Together, ACME Portable and Meiya Pico aim to create the perfect digital forensic Lab solution with no extra effort for the customer.

The Digital Forensic Lab offers designs and solutions from the scratch. No need for extra devices, irrelevant costs or countless hours to design and create the Forensic Lab. Customers need only to give us the basic information about the number of labs, the space that they have, or any extra requirements.

ACME Portable and Meyia Pico Lab proposal includes the drawing and the making of the labs, the latest Forensic equipment that the customer needs, and all the requirements according to customers’ budget. It is a complete Forensic Lab Solution, with all standard regulations and procedures such as evidence and data acquisition, analysis, preservations and more.

CEIC Digital Forensic Conference

ACME Portable will be showcasing all their latest digital forensic products and solutions, at CEIC from May 18th to the 21st at Caesars Palace, Las Vegas, Booth # 121. These solutions include all-in-one hardware and software products that are ideal for all digital forensic environments.

Come visit us at booth #121 to congregate, discuss, and exchange information about these latest products and services in the digital forensics market, and to discuss more about our new solution the Digital Forensic Lab.

More details about our booth and products:

  • Sherlock Tower: a digital forensics workstation that provides rich interfaces to achieve concurrent data duplication, parallel analysis, OS emulation, and more. It is also compatible with numerous forensic software. Its highlight is naturally the Parallel Forensic technology, which allows simultaneous duplication up to 4 HDD / SSDs and analysis of up to 8 HDD / SSDs
  • Sherlock Cube: an all-in-one solution for onsite digital forensic investigation. It is a very powerful tool for investigators as it is able to perform functions such as write-protected data duplication, automated forensic analysis, and dynamic OS emulation, packed in a small and portable design
  • Sherlock Lite 4:4: a digital forensics mobile workstation for data duplication, parallel analysis, OS emulation, and more. It is also compatible with numerous forensic software. Its Parallel Forensic technology allows simultaneous duplication and analysis of up to 4 HDD / SSDs
  • Sherlock Octopus: a multi-channel highly portable forensic imager that allows you to quickly acquire images of disks without disassembling the target computer
  • Sherlock Mobile: enables investigators to efficiently acquire and analyse data from smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. It supports the analysis of a phone’s app data and recovery of deleted records
  • Digital Forensic Lab: all the latest information and procedures required in order to create a digital forensic Lab.

We are looking forward for your visit.