ACME Portable Machines

Acme Portable Machines had a great NAB Show 2015, showing off the capabilities of our portable systems in the media and broadcasting markets.

NAB Review 1

At our booth we displayed our most popular products for broadcasting. These units are all well equipped with the power and versatility to take on the industry's most intensive tasks. The DuraPAC supports the latest Intel Core i7 or Xeon CPU and powerful graphics card, in a well-balanced portable and rugged design. The LitePAC is our most lightweight system at 16.5 pounds, compact without sacrificing power. The MegaPAC L2 is our dual-screen system that supports up to 7 PCI expansion slots and has the option of 4k display.

NAB Review 2

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All of our portables were being used throughout the convention floor for demonstrating everything from MPEG video analysis to real-time video editing to a full-blown livestream production, with wonderful results. One demonstration used a modified DuraPAC system to broadcast live interviews from a stage in the center of the hall. It featured four live cameras connected directly into the system via SDI feeding into live production software that could manage easy camera switching, title overlays, ad insertion, and streaming. Another booth demonstrated their software's powerful chroma-key capabilities with our MegaPAC unit.

The Sales Team

We had the pleasure to meet with many potential customers and discussed exciting opportunities for creating customized solutions for the needs of today's media creators and distributors. Acme is looking forward to next year's NAB show where we will showcase even further innovation in broadcast technology.