7StarLake Partnership

7StarLake Partnership with ACME Portable

Acme Portable Machines is proudly announcing a new partnership with 7StarLake. This strategic engineering partnership gives Acme Portable the ability to now provide a broader range of high-performance embedded computing (HPEC) military solutions. These embedded computers and servers are powerful, compact, and rugged – built to withstand harsh elements, extended temperature ranges and shock and vibrations.

7StarLake has extensive expertise in designing and testing rugged solutions for high-end automation, transportation, offshore energy exploration, military, and drone applications. They are an engineering powerhouse, provider of industry standard Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) open, scalable, modular rugged computers that enable prime contractors and system integrators to deploy quickly through SWaP-C designs. This partnership adds great value to Acme Portable’s commitment to always providing the most reliable and breakthrough solutions for their military and rugged computing segment.

With this partnership, Acme is adding several new products to various categories to broaden their existing lineup:

In addition, Acme's strict quality and design capabilities will now be bolstered by 7StarLake's. Acme is now able to extend and provide more rugged features such as PC/104, Anti-Corrosion, IP65 and MIL Certification 810, 461, 1275 and more.

About Acme Portable:

Since 1994, Acme Portable Machines has been designing and manufacturing rugged and industrial portable computers and rackmount solutions. Our portable and rackmount solutions are designed for military and industrial applications that require high-performance, yet mobile solutions. Our product line-up includes large multi-display workstations, high-density portables, rugged laptops, rugged rackmount displays and more. In addition to our standard product lines, we also have the design and manufacturing capabilities to provide custom workstations made to fit your exact requirements. With any program, Acme Portable can provide full revision control and configuration lifecycle management.

About 7StarLake:

7Starlake specializes in high-end embedded computers for military and unmanned transportation infrastructures. Their R&D team is dedicated to the strictest quality standards expected by the most demanding customers and industries. Detail oriented and full of experimental ideas, 7Starlake's R&D team strives to provide market-leading products of excellent performance and high reliability.


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