Acme GO in Action at Salesiana Polytechnic University

All-in-one Live Production and Streaming Solution with 4K HDMI & HD-SDI Inputs

The Acme GO was recently used to capture the 49th Annual Celebration of Cuenca Sports Club, a great event presenting the top women's sports teams of Cuenca, Ecuador. A team of audiovisual production students majoring in Communications from Salesiana Polytechnic University (Universidad Politécnica Salesiana) used multiple cameras alongside the Acme GO to produce this awesome event.

Special thanks to Edwin René Yunga Patiño, Technical Director of the University Audiovisual Lab, for sharing these photos. Check out their Facebook to learn more about this amazing student organization! #ComunicacionSalesiana

Powered by vMix, the Acme GO can be used to:

  • Seamlessly switch between unlimited video sources - use a mix of 4K/HD/SD cameras, full NDI capabilities, video files and more
  • Insert video delays, instantly rewind, and playback in slow-motion
  • Create stunning virtual sets with professional quality chroma key
  • Add custom titles, transition effects, logos, and graphics
  • Combine a variety of audio sources with the built-in audio mixer
  • Stream, record, and output to present displays and online platforms
  • Instantly perform color correction and edit in post-production settings
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