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The solution to identify and solve problems in complex networks!

ACME Portable Computers presents the NetPAC, a portable system that is designed to provide an effective and essential platform for the manipulation and the in-depth analysis of network traffic recording applications.

Up to 5 PCIe / PCI cards - 17.3" Monitor at 1920x1080 Resolution

The NetPAC is the next-generation portable platform for network monitoring, capturing and analysis. When integrated with high-performance capture cards, like 40GbE, 100GbE or above, NetPAC is capable of sustained, multi-gigabit per second recording of network traffic without packet drops.

Support storage up to 16x SSD / NVMe / SAS, with 2x 12 Gb/s in RAID setup

NetPAC is designed from the ground up, to meet the requirement of the applications on cooling, massive storage expansion, and supportability. It supports both single or dual Intel® Xeon® scalable processors up to 205W TDP or AMD EPYC™ 7001 and 7002 series processors. It comes with the latest NVMe, SAS, and RAID configuration and supports up to a 12Gb/s speed per port to be the most powerful network platform in an all-in-one portable form factor. At the same time, it maintains low temperature due to its aluminum design.

Cool, lightweight and compact portable system

As a manufacturer, ACME Portable is not only able to satisfy all your demands concerning the design but also able to build custom solutions for you. Years of experience make us the perfect partner to create a reliable, valuable, high-quality product for all your needs.


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