Optical Bonding Now Available

We're excited to share that optical bonding is now an available feature for our LCD displays. Optical bonding is a specialized process that enhances the performance and durability of LCD displays. One of the most notable advantages of optical bonding is a reduction in refraction and glare. By absorbing and diffusing light, bonded displays ensure excellent readability, making them ideal for use in bright sunlight and heavily lighted environments. Optical bonding also boosts the display’s durability, making it capable of withstanding impact, extreme temperatures, humidity, and dust.

Optical Bonding Reflection

Optical bonding with OCR (Optically Clear Resin) employs a liquid resin which is poured between the touch screen and the LCD. The layer of liquid resin is then cured with UV light. The optically transparent resin fills the air gap between the LCD panel and the touchscreen and other enhancements. The optically transparent resin has a refractive index and light transmittance similar to glass, resistance to yellowing, softness, and can withstand the expansion and contraction rates of a variety of different substrates, so that it can withstand high and low temperature changes during lamination.

Benefits of OCR Optical Bonding

  • Enhanced Optical Clarity – A traditional air gap between the glass and LCD module causes opportunities for refraction and glare. With OCR bonding, there is a solid laminate with no gaps reducing internal reflections between layers, thus the display is crisper, brighter, and easier to read, especially in direct sunlight.
  • Improved Impact Resistance –The extra bond created between the LCD and touch screen makes the entire assembly more resistant to shocks and impacts.
  • Increased Durability – Optical bonding closes the gap and prevents the ingress of moisture, dust, and other contaminants in harsh or outdoor environments.
  • Thermal Stability – The materials used in OCR bonding offer high thermal stability; displays are now able to remain functional and maintain clarity in extreme temperatures.
Optical Bonding Impact

At Acme Portable Machines, we're constantly looking to improve the quality and robustness of our rugged portable workstations. OCR bonding dramatically enhances a display's performance by reducing glare and making it sunlight readable without having to increase the brightness of the screen itself. It increases the overall durability of your displays, ensuring they can withstand harsh conditions. Optical bonding also prevents the inconvenience of condensation and fogging in humid environments, providing consistently clear visibility. And it improves the touch accuracy, allowing for precise and responsive interactions. When it comes to optimizing your displays for military, marine, transportation, and any other industry with demanding applications and harsh environments, optical bonding is the solution you've been searching for.


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